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Draft Plan Consultation

The consultation period for the Draft Neighbourhood Plan closed on 7 December 2020. Please watch out for further opportunities to support the plan in the coming months.

Your Draft Neighbourhood Plan, informed by extensive community consultation, has now been completed. The Plan is built upon the vision and objectives identified by the Community and contains a number of proposed planning policies that we believe will achieve those objectives.  Click here if you’d like to review the policies. 

We are required to consult on the draft plan before it can be sent to the Local Authority.

This Stage is the Pre-Submission Draft Consultation (under Regulation 14 of The Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012).

Please complete your details in full in order for your representation to be considered. Anonymous forms will be REJECTED. You do not need to provide a comment against every policy, only those where you wish to make your views known.

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