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Avant Homes Proposed Cleadon Lane Development

    Cleadon Lane Industrial Estate

    Avant Homes have made further amendments to some of the scheme documents in response to the recent comments submitted by the Forum and South Tyneside Council. The Council published the revised documents on its planning portal in early January 2023.

    Given the large number of documents already posted, it was difficult to find the new ones. We requested further information from the Council and they have now shared the details which they received from Avant Homes. This lists the main changes made along with a list of the new documents.

    The Council now proposes to take the proposed scheme to its planning committee on 13th February 2023.

    The Forum has provided these documents in response to the latest changes:

    Full details of the application are available by searching for ST/1109/21/FUL on the Council’s website at

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