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EB17: Protected open space

    Golf Course

    The following areas of open space, as defined on the policies map and Map 1 of Annex 3 to the Plan, have been identified as contributing to local amenity and character and will be protected from development:

    POS01    Boldon Golf Course;
    POS02 Land at Lyndon Grove;
    POS03 Land at North Road/ Kendal Drive;
    POS04 Land at Beckenham Avenue/ Ravensbourne Avenue;
    POS05    East Boldon Junior and Nursery School playing fields and playgrounds.

    Development that will result in the loss of protected open space will only be supported where the applicant has robustly demonstrated to the satisfaction of the Local Planning Authority, that the:

    a. Open space is surplus to requirements; or
    b. Loss resulting from the proposed development would be replaced by open space of equal or better value in terms of quantity and quality, including amenity value, in a suitable location in the near vicinity; or
    c. Development is for alternative open space provision, the needs for which clearly outweigh the loss.

    New development should provide, as a minimum, the standards of open and recreation space defined within the most up to date and relevant guidance.

    There are many areas of open space which are valued for their local amenity value and for formal and informal recreational purposes, but which do not meet the detailed allocation criteria for designation as local green space.

    The sites listed in policy EB17 and shown on the policies map and Map 1 of Annex 3 to the Plan are proposed to be designated as protected as they are important to the local community. A local green space and protected open space background paper has been prepared to outline the reasons why the sites are important and to explain the process that led to their proposed designation.

    The policy also seeks to ensure that new development provides an appropriate level of open and recreation space. New housing development should include areas of open space for children’s play, sports and amenity in accordance with STC’s policies and Open Space Study 2015 and 2019 addendum.

    The designation of the sites will assist with the delivery of plan objectives 1 and 6.