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Join us on Saturday 23rd June 2018

Drop in session, 10:00 am – 1:00 pm

@ East Boldon United Reformed Church Hall

East Boldon Neighbourhood Plan Consultation on Draft Vision and Objectives

The East Boldon Neighbourhood Forum was formally designated by South Tyneside Council in January 2018.

We are starting to prepare a Neighbourhood Plan which will set out a clear vision for the area and help ensure development proposed in the Council’s Local Plan takes on board the views and needs of the East Boldon community.

The East Boldon Neighbourhood Forum area is shown in the map below:

We have produced a set of draft objectives setting out what issues we think should be addressed in the Neighbourhood Plan using your responses from our consultation event in July last year.

We need your support and are keen to hear your thoughts about the East Boldon Neighbourhood Plan and what issues you think it should address.

Our draft objectives are:

  • Ensure new development makes a positive contribution to social, environmental or economic needs and that any negative impacts are adequately mitigated.
  • Ensure new development makes a positive contribution to a safe and well-designed built environment and that it respects the historic environment of the Neighbourhood Plan area.
  • Plan positively for the creation, protection and enhancement of networks of biodiversity and green infrastructure in the Neighbourhood Plan area including ensuring that there are linkages to wider green infrastructure networks
  • Support the sustainable creation and protection of employment opportunities in the Neighbourhood Plan area, and the vitality and viability of its Village and Local Centres.
  • Create and maintain a balanced and sustainable community by providing a positive policy framework that recognises the different types of homes that all current and future residents of the Neighbourhood Plan area need.
  • Contribute to community wellbeing by ensuring that the Neighbourhood Plan area’s community, especially its older and younger people, have access to the services and facilities they need.
  • Reduce the causes and risk of flooding in the Neighbourhood Plan area.
  • Manage the transport network of the Neighbourhood Plan area to be safer, more efficient and more environmentally friendly for all users, whilst ensuring adequate parking is available to meet the needs of residents, visitors and businesses.

Do you agree with these draft objectives ?

What do you think should be included in the vision for the East Boldon Neighbourhood Plan?

Are there any other objectives that you think should be included?

Please come along to the drop in session and let us know your views.

If you can’t make it to the event then please use the Contact Us form to let us know your thoughts.

All responses we receive will be recorded and stored securely.  Please note all comments received will be made publicly available.

Come along on Saturday, 23 June 2018, share your views and join us!


Photo courtesy of Phil Payne