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Development of the Draft Neighbourhood Plan

Members of the Forum have been working on the final draft of the neighbourhood plan which will soon be shared with all residents. We thought it would be nice to share photos which support the themes of the plan.
If you have any interesting photos you’d like to share with us please get in touch.

Historic Boldon

Before getting into the detail, here’s an opportunity to reflect on the history that makes East Boldon that it is. Please share any other photos you have that you’re happy for us to use. 

Sustainable Development

Sustainable development – is an overarching objective, ensures new development makes a positive contribution to social, environmental or economic needs. 

Built and Historic Environment

Built & Historic Environment, buildings that add local character and distinctiveness to the village. 

Natural Environment

Natural Environment, areas of biodiversity (e.g. Boldon Flats SSI);  green (e.g. open spaces) and blue (e.g. streams) networks; the landscape in and around the village and any beautiful or special trees.  

Local Economy

Local Economy,  businesses in the main retail centres of the village and in Cleadon Lane Industrial Estate. 


Housing, different types of good quality housing, that caters for differing needs. 

Community Well Being

Community Well Being,  facilities and services (e.g. sporting clubs, associations) and areas that enhance  the ‘village feel’, including local green and open spaces.   

Flooding and Sustainable Drainage

Flooding & Drainage, areas in the village that are prone to flooding or may have been recently improved.

Transport and Movement

Transport & Movement, alternative and sustainable types of transport (e.g. cycling and walking) networks and routes throughout the village; storage areas for bikes, charging places and parking areas for cars.    

Last updated June 2020