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About Us


Green spaces, parks, sports centres, spiritual centres, shops and businesses, schools, paths, parking, housing, roads, community centres can all be planned by local residents.
In response to South Tyneside’s Strategic Land Review and the success of Keep Boldon Green in encouraging the residents of East Boldon to take an interest in the future of our village, a Neighbourhood Forum has been formed to undertake the task of creating a Neighbourhood Plan.
The East Boldon Forum is made up of people who live or work, or are elected to  represent residents of East Boldon. The Forum boundary is shown on the map above.
The Forum aims to support development:
• Which responds to the needs and wishes of the local community.
• Enhances and respects the character of the village.
• Is sensitive to the environment and its impact on nature.
• Which is sustainable, takes account of existing infrastructure and is sensitive to the pace of development on the village.