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Boldon Festival 2024 – Photo Competition

    As part of the 2024 Boldon Festival, East Boldon Neighbourhood Forum are hosting a photographic competition with the theme of ‘My Boldon’

    The competition is free to enter for young people and the young at heart!

    Your entry should feature something from the Boldons, for example a favourite place, location, building, activity or something from nature.

    There are three categories for entry, for the young 5-11 and 12-18 and the young at heart (18+)

    The competition is open throughout June and July, the closing date is 1 August 2024.

    Entries are limited to 2 per participant and all photos should be emailed to

    Your entry should include:

    • your name
    • the age category you’re entering
    • WHY the picture is important to you

    Please note that:

    • Images of children require permission from a parent / guardian
    • People featured in photographs must agree to their image being displayed.

    A selection of entries will be printed, mounted and displayed at Boldon Community Association during Festival Week, 19th – 26th August 2024.

    A prize will be awarded for the entry judged to be the best in each age group.

    Tips and Hints

    1. Photos can be taken with any type of camera – phone or dedicated camera.
    2. The higher the resolution of your photo the better the display print will be but photos will not be judged on the technical specs of the phone or camera used.
    3. Photos can be in colour or black and white.
    4. The subject matter is not important, it’s what appeals to you that is important.
    5. Photos can be taken at any time of the day but avoid photographing into direct sunlight.
    6. Photos must be taken in East Boldon, West Boldon or Boldon Colliery.

    If you live or work in the East Boldon Forum area then you are welcome to join the Forum. Please get in touch with us.

    If you wish to contact us for any reason please leave your details on the Contact Us page.