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Forum Application for Re-Designation

    What is happening and why ?

    The Forum has applied to South Tyneside Council so that it can continue to be recognised as a formal body representing residents particularly when dealing with the Local Plan and other planning applications.

    Why is this necessary?

    Neighbourhood forum designations only last for 5 years and East Boldon Forum was initially designated in January 2018 so will cease to be recognised by the council unless the re-designation application is approved.

    More information is available on the Council’s website and relevant documents are also available at Boldon and Cleadon Community Library. The Council are consulting on the application and would like to know your views by contacting them:

    By email or by post:

    Spatial Planning Team, Development Services, Regeneration and Environment, South Tyneside Council, Town Hall & Civic Offices, Westoe Road, South Shields, NE33 2RL.

    All comments must be received by Sunday 27 November 2022.

    Why does the Forum need to continue now that the Neighbourhood plan has been approved ?

    As part of the application the Forum proposes to change its objectives to recognise that the neighbourhood plan is now in place. These changes are subject to approval at an “Extraordinary General Meeting” (EGM) which will be held in October 2022.

    The revised objectives, which are entirely consistent with the delivery of the Neighbourhood Plan which was overwhelmingly supported by the residents of East Boldon in the recent referendum, are:

    • To promote the objectives of the Neighbourhood Plan.
    • To monitor planning applications and development proposals that affect the Neighbourhood Plan Area and ensure that the policies set out in the Neighbourhood Plan are taken into account by the Local Planning Authority and Developers.
    • To promote and improve the social, economic and environmental well-being of the East Boldon Neighbourhood Area for the benefit of the community as a whole;
    • To represent the majority view of the local population of the East Boldon Neighbourhood Area, reflected through engagement with all parts of the community;
    • To work cooperatively with bona-fide stakeholders including educational establishments, faith groups and other constituted organisations to promote the interests of the Neighbourhood Area and deliver, where possible, the Community Actions set out in the Neighbourhood Plan.
    • To update the Neighbourhood Plan if this is considered necessary following the adoption of the South Tyneside Local Plan or following changes in national planning policy.

    Since its inception the Forum has:

    • Endeavoured to engage positively with the residents of East Boldon, holding fully accessible meetings, open to the community, on a Monthly basis (during Lockdown, communication with members continued via emails and Monthly Zoom meetings).
    • Made decisions in a transparent way, based upon democratic values and good communication.
    • Provided regular updates via its website at and Facebook page, letting members know by email about current developments in the East Boldon Forum area. 
    • Established a positive working relationship with elected ward members and Officers of South Tyneside Council alike.
    • Endeavoured to represent the views of its members in connection with the Local Authority’s consultations over the draft local plan and held developers to account in order to ensure the policies contained within the Neighbourhood Plan are given due consideration.

    The Forum is a non political organisation and its work is done on a purely voluntary basis by a number of dedicated individuals. It has been funded entirely by grants and donations.

    Please use the information above to let the Council know your thoughts

    If you live or work in the East Boldon Forum area then you are welcome to join the Forum. Please get in touch with us.

    If you wish to contact us for any reason please leave your details on the Contact Us page.